Asset Management in Composer Pro

@Kirill_Leventcov , may you please have a look ? After the migration to the new Asset management tool the images imported previously into a global app variable are no longer accessible in the new tool but they still work in the app.

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By still having the URLs, the images are reflected (because they are still hosted on Amazon AppGyver), but it is good to reload them back into their respective folders in Assets with this new update; or the option to call images through an API.

When uploading an image to the Assets, you will notice that it will no longer throw the URLs or see the links where they are hosted as before, since when compiling the application, only the images necessary for the operation of the app will be compiled and the rest will remain in Componser Pro those that will not be needed.

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@Diagonal_Movil , thanks for a thorough explanation. kind regards;Piotr

Still I doubt it should be on a developer’s shoulders to “fix” the migration of the existing assets…