Assign formula to appvariable to create a record

i dont see any way to have a formula assigned to appvariable

i created a appvariable then i click formula add the below formula and save
NUMBER(pageVars.MiniCost) + NUMBER(SUM(MAP(appVars.Ingredients, NUMBER(item.Cost))))
next i want to create a record with with the output of the formula whihc does not happen for some reason the output does not gets saved to the record

can anyone help with the same

You can use the “Set app variable” flow function to assign a formula to the app variable.

thanks that worked, i had been selecting the variable changed in the flow function :slightly_smiling_face:, this time i selected the selected_tab changed


While its nice to help everyone, helping those who refuse to help themselves by doing the tutorials and ask questions that are very well covered already just makes that person dependant on asking questions rather than reading, researching and trying.

Surely there has to be some “lazy user” filter put on things, or there´s no point creating self help tools?