Assigning nested object to another with same structure does not work


I have a REST data variable with the same schema as a client storage variable. Its a deeply nested schema (4 levels) but I made sure it is exactly the same one.
However, in CREATE RECORD as well as in SET DATA VARIABLE, I cannot assign a data variable of one type to the other one. It says "Incompatible - The type ‘object with 11 properties’ is not assignable to to the type ‘object with 11 properties’ ". Any idea how to track down why this is not working?

Thanks and best,

Hi there!

Does it work if you bind the value with a formula? Binding the value with a formula overrides any incompatibilities in the schemas. If it ends up working with a formula binding, then I’d chalk this up to some bug with nested value handling (which we have on the backlog to fix).

Hey, thanks. It also shows two warnings but still works.

Which formula do you use?