Assigning output values from a component to a private variable of the parent component does not work

Hi everybody. I have two components. One of them contains the other. In the child component there is an input field and a text field that outputs what I write in the input field. The parent component contains a child component and a text field that tries to output what I save to the private variable of the parent component.

events input

I created an event to find out when the field changes, as well as an output variable to get input text from the input field.

properties input
text input

After that, I bound the variable “input1” to the input field and the text field.

change input

In the parent component, I created a private variable “property1”, in which I want to save the value “input1”, at the time of changing the data of the input field.

private varable

Next, I just want to output the value that I saved in “property1” in the text field of the parent component.

empty field

As a result, when I launch my application, I see that there is nothing in the private variable in which I saved the value of the input field.

Why is this happening? Why can’t I save the field value in a private variable of the parent component? Moreover, this happens not only with a private variable, but also with others. I can’t save the field value in more than one variable.


Also in debug, I observe such an error after trying to assign the value of the input field to a private variable.

Hi @Marc_Kumerle, can you describe the use case a bit more on a high level? What exactly do you want to build?

Nesting components can result in unexpected behavior (component templates are not currently designed to contain other templates), so doing it within just one template or on the canvas with page variables would probably be the best solution.

That is, I can’t use a component that is in another component because it hasn’t been implemented yet? If so, thank you very much for the answer, you helped a lot.