Audio not playing on Ipad, but works fine on Android


I’m using the Audio play flow function to play an audio retrieved from Airtable.
I’m using the appgyver on both Android and IOS to test the app.
It works fine on Android. I did notice the first time I played the audio the Android asked for file system permission.
But it does not work on my IOS. I’m not sure this is related to some permission issue on IOS. But the IOS appgyver app did not ask for any permission, I wasn’t even able to go and manually give storage permission to the Apgvyer viewer app.

Hi! The audio doesn’t play if your iPad is on silent mode, so please check that it’s not on silent!

Hi Mevi, I’m just getting back to my app after some time.
No the device was not in Silent mode… I’m testing the app in test flight now still the same issue.
The audio is an MP3 pulled from airtable, I have linked audio play to a “Component Tab” event of a picture, both the file name and id is assigned using
current.fields.Audio[0].url, current.fields.Audio[0].id.
Again it totally works fine in Android, only in iOS its not working.

One thing I noticed is that in Android, when I tab audio I am asked for storage permission, but in IPAD there’s no permission requested or given for storage.

Could you share your working flows… that would be great. Still struggling with playing audio.

I too would like to resolve this.

I have an iPhone running the AppGyver preview app. When pressing a button to start the audio, it does not play.

It does work when I use the ‘Preview Portal’ view on my desktop browser.

I can confirm I do not have silent mode one, and my volume is turned up.

This is my (very basic) flow. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Was the solution ever found?

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Also have the same issue. Audio playback on desktop and Android is fine. Nothing on iOS :frowning: Would love an update on this issue please.