Audio Player: can it be embedded on a page?

I am a non-programmer, building an educational app with a simple design. The main functionality is playing a series of short audios, with accompanying images and text. Each page of the app consists of a short audio along with an image and some text. My audios are stored on a website (external URL).

Using “Open audio player”:

The flow function “Open audio player” works well. However, it displays a black screen during the playback. Is there a way of embedding the audio player on a page? I want to display the image and text while the audio is playing.

Using “Play audio”:

I tried using the “Play audio” flow function, which allows me to retain the page display while the audio is playing. However, the lack of the audio player controls makes this option unappealing. First, I can’t figure out how to add the functions for pausing and resuming the audio. Second, if you tap the Play button while the audio is playing, it starts playing a second time, without stopping the first playback. Finally, the missing audio player means we don’t see the length of the audio, which is important for users.

Thank you!

Having an embeddable audio player component is definitely something we should have. The existing APIs should be enough for all the functionality (you can get audio length with, but an example would definitely be good. I’ll try to cook one up next week!

Since my users will be used to seeing an audio player, this would be preferable to something I try to cobble together as a substitute. Any plans for adding a component for an embeddable audio player? Thanks!

Since all parts of an audio player are doable with primitives, I’d say the example audio player component will happen once we have our components v2 spec out, allowing e.g. all styles to be then edited in Composer itself. It’s on my list of examples though!

Please, about “It’s on my list of examples though!” Where is your list of examples?

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