Audio player that plays audio as it is loading

Hi all!

I’m looking for a smart solution to fix my audio player issue.

Currently I’m using the “pre-load audio for playback” and then “Start/Resume audio playback” flow functions as a podcast player. The issue I’m having is that my iPhone waits till the whole audio file is downloaded before starting playback which can be anything from 5 seconds to 30/40 seconds. Obviously a terrible user experience.

Is there as way to get the audio player to start immediately while it’s still busy downloading the audio file?

I see the “Open Audio Player” feature does that, but once you close it, playback stops. I want the audio to be able to play whilst browsing the rest of the app/phone like a normal podcast player.

Any ideas?

Hey, @Jo_Coetzer did you ever find a solution to this problem? I’m very much interested in finding a similar solution.

I’m interested in a solution as well.

Hi! There isn’t another solution for this for now at least I’m afraid. There may be later with third party plugin support.