Audio playing on top of another audio and flow function not returning duration

In my App, I need an audio to be played right after another one finish playing, automatically.

I used to have the logic flow below, which worked perfectly

As you see, I have the last audio play flow function connected to another audio play function. Until days ago, on app preview, the last audio would only play after the first one had finished playing.

Today I opened App Preview and saw both audios are being played on top of each other.

Then I added a delay, to the same length of audio duration + 1 second, before playing the last audio (which should solve the problem).

However, nothing changes. On debugger I noted, the audio play flow function is returning null for the duration output. Obviously, that’s causing the issue.

Is it a preview kind of bug or will it persist after the app is published?

Hi @Alan_Alves, are you playing the audio from an external URL or from the local filesystem?

Hi @Mari

From a cached file. I cache it as I need to use the file more the once in multiple pages.

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Hi @Alan_Alves, I was able to reproduce the issue and made a bug report to the development team.

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Olá! Poderia me auxiliar? Eu preciso executar 2 audios simultaneamente, porém por mais que eu tente, só consigo executar 1. As vezes roda o audio1, as vezes roda o audio2. Já tentei colocar um depois do outro no fluxo, os dois juntos. Mas sempre roda um ou outro. Se puder me ajudar de alguma forma, fico agradecido! Os arquivos estão no celular.