Audio Playlists - Help please!

Dear App Gyver Community,

I am looking for a way to have my app play multiple audio files in sequence.

Can the play audio function pass an array / list of audio files. Or is there any other way to accomplish this functionality?


Hmm… The play audio has no such functionality, but you could perhaps accomplish something like this by creating the playlist logic yourself. I would probably start with having the play audio node, from which a delay loop starts that checks from the playback info when the audio is finishing/finished and then picks the next song to play from the queue.

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Great shout.

I am coming unstuck with assessing the files I have stored in my firebase storage from Appgyvers play audio function.

The Url simply does not seem to be passing. the storage is currently unauthenticated - so I am struggling to figure out why.

Any help would be much apprecited!

Figured this out - for anyone else struggling
there is a error with app gyver - when you fetch the string from the list - it displays as blank

  • using the formula instead solves the problem
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I am working on a music player app with playlist functionality as a key component, was wondering if app gyver would be the best choice for it- few other feature I’m looking to build is a timer integrated to stop music in the set time and to allow users to create live broadcast events,any suggestions seriously appreciated

I think the trickiest part there would be creating live broadcast events, I’m not sure how you’d like that implemented? There’s no ready-made functionality like that so it’s likely you’d need a third party react native plugin, and we don’t support those as of yet (but we will)!

Hey @Anuj_Nayyar , do you mind sharing how you ended up building the audio playlist logic? I’m trying to accomplish the same thing and seem to be having trouble figuring out how to set sequential audio playback.

Hi Addae, really sorry just looked - i ended up pivoting away from audio and changed the whole workflow
From memory i used some sort of loop and parsed which audio was to be played next into a variable.

Sorry i cant be of more help :sob:

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All good. Thanks for letting me know, even that bit of information was helpful :slight_smile:

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