Auth mixing Firebase projects

Hello. I have two AppGyver projects that authenticate in Firebase. I set each project with its respective Firebase settings.

Project 1 is authenticating fine (both on iPhone and web).

Project 2 is authenticating fine from web, but not from iPhone. On iPhone I’m getting wrong password error. But when I try to authenticate on Project 2 using an account that is hosted on Project 1’s Firebase, then it works fine.

Is there any cache or bug with this process using iPhone? Should I open a bug ticket?


Is this error occurring using preview? There are definitely caching issues with it.

Like if you delete an image from Firestore then you will still see it forever on preview. Not sure about auth, but I know it affects files.

Yes, I’m using the preview for web. But on web it’s working fine. On the AppGyver app for iPhone it’s not. I’m wondering how to clear the cache of the AppGyver app. I tried the debug feature but I couldn’t make it work. Will insist of making the debugger work to see if it find something.

By the appgyver app for the iPhone, do you mean the SAP AppGyver Preview App, or your own published app? If its the SAP app then it definitely has a caching issue.

Yeah, through SAP AppGyver Preview app it’s not working. Sometimes the SAP AppGyver Preview app crashes when I try to open Project 2, so I have to open Project 1 first and then try again opening Project 2, but the log in will fail.

I couldn’t make the Debugger work. It stays trying to connect forever, while the Debugger keeps showing “No connected devices found”.

I also tried to log out from SAP AppGyver Preview app and log in again. Same issue.

I even tried to delete the whole SAP AppGyver Preview app and download it again. Same issue.

I disabled the authentication from Project 1, but still there is no way to make it work for Project 2!

Good luck, I suspect the issue is in the SAP App cache, just a different presentation of the same thing we see with images.

Maybe add some comments to the tracker issue and get it at least formally recognised as a bug.

It could be a cache issue, but cache issues for images usually can be worked around putting a TIMESTAMP() in the url. This one is blocking me to set up the authentication for one of my apps.

I’ve created a bug ticket: Firebase auth not working on preview app | Voters | AppGyver

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