AUTH no longer working

I have an app which is using Auth but haven’t really done more than had one user as a placeholder until now. Now when I click Auth in the Composer Pro, it just gives an error “Composer Pro has crashed. Press OK to reload”. So I cannot manage any users I have, can still log in to the app with the one user I had initially.

How to fix?


I dont know why this would happen but have this in mind maybe its related…

Hi! Is this still going on? What are you using for auth? If it’s our old AppGyver Auth, that was discontinued a while back, so if you want to use that specific app, we will need to cut that auth method out for you. If it’s not our auth, then it’s something else :thinking: What’s your app id?

Hi, you’re right as it is an old app. Will send you the app ID.

Hi, this seems to be a problem still. Did you get the app ID I sent last month? Problem occurs when accessing the app from a new computer, for example. Thanks in advance.

I did get the id, but I was not able to do more myself than see that the auth page crashes – I raised this ticket again and asked someone to take a look. Sorry that you’ve had to wait so long, our development teams have been super busy and have probably missed this ticket :disappointed:

@ahannula this is now fixed! Something odd had happened in your app with a metadata definition missing which crashed the auth tab. We’re putting in checks to prevent it from happening again, thanks for finding this so we were able to fix it for the future as well :slight_smile:

Thanks. Another question: I have two apps in progress, and one has been started a while ago (ID 95001) and one is newer (ID 315481). It seems that the new style definition features do not work the same way in these. Should I be able to somehow “upgrade” the old app to the new version, or are they the same already and those screens just look so different…?



Hi, I wonder what happened with my app today. iPad preview is since today broken and even though I pressed maybe 30 or 50 times button “migrate” the styles are all gone, and so is every other layout definition. Some of the text is gone as well, but that could be fonts are suddenly white or for some other reason they do not show up anymore.

What happened and what can I do about it?



Hi… seems that the problem got solved by downloading the new SAP Appgyver Preview app!

Thanks :slight_smile:


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@Mevi I’m having the same issue. Auth page keeps crashing for me. Not sure where i’d find the app id?

Hi! This is a new bug, please follow tracker ticket here.