Authentication: dismiss initial view does nothing (web)


I now added custom 3rd party auth to my web app.
After successful REST based login, I would like to dismiss the initial view and move forward.
However, the flow function “dismiss initial view” does nothing, the login screen stays.
How do I define which page is the one being loaded after “dismiss initial view”?
Or do I need to run Open Page? If yes, when? (there is no output at this flow functin)

Thanks and best,

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If i am right, the first page of your navigation is the one that is shown after dismiss initial view.

Hm, does not work for me… once the page switched, most of the time nothing happens although Dismissed is called…

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Are you sure that the dismiss function is called? Maybe there is an error at any logic part. And is your logic connected right?

yes, I am sure :slight_smile:

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Does it appeal also in preview or only in finished build?
Maybe it’s a bug. I can’t help anymore :see_no_evil:

Hey @Johannes,

Could you post screenshot of your login logic? I tried to reproduce this but it works for me as it’s supposed to.

You define the initial page(log in) in the Auth -tab from the top bar and then the page that will open after you Dismiss the initial view is the 1st page in your navigation stack, in the Nav -tab.

Hey Kristian,

thanks for your reply.
Attached is the screenshot.
I have the navigation menu disabled.

Update: It works indeed only when Navigation menu is enabled.
I guess this is a bug?

Are you using beta or

Could you check if your app works without navigation on (this is not the latest but if it works then it works on the latest as well)

In Beta is seems to work!
Is there also an App I can use for beta preview on mobile device?

There is a beta program, but since the release is coming very soon there is really no point of going through the process of getting the app. :slight_smile:

so this is what i want to do:

  1. user open my app, initial view page is Log in page
  2. if its a new user, goes to signup page
  3. enters username, email, password and hit signup
  4. data get entered in xano but user is still in signup page

in step 4, i want user to go to home page
please help

I’m also having this problem and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

An auth token comes back from “create record” but “Dismiss initial view” simply clears all data on the signup screen and stays on the signup screen.

I’m using user authentication and only the login and registration screens are allowed to be accessed without authentication. Navigation is enabled and functioning.

After registration, a user can login by going to the login screen but the “Dismiss initial view” function does not take them there.

“Return to Initial View” does work. (App ID: 369407)

@Mevi I’m still having this problem. The odd thing is that it works differently between the web-preview, the preview thru the Appgyver app (on the cell phone) and my released code on Google Play store.

In what I think is the most proper configuration:

App Preview Portal: SUCCESS
After the user sets up an account, hits submit, the auth token is returned and then “dismiss initial view” is called, it dismisses the initial view and goes to the defined “HOME” page.

Appgyver App on CellPhone / Released Code: FAILS
After the user sets up an account, hits submit, the auth token is returned and then “dismiss initial view” is called, it goes right back into the “Create Account” page. (I am using navigation and have defined a “home” page to go to after the user is authenticated"). The user can not escape and needs to exit the program. Upon existing the program, they can login with their new user name and password. I have attempted to change FROM “dismiss initial view” TO “Navigation: Login Page”. In this situation, after the user creates their account, they go to the login page, the login, and then they are returned to the “Create Account” page. In the App Preview Portal, this process works and the login goes to the home screen, not the “Create Account” screen.

I tested this just now with Android and did not have an issue with the logic working – please explain more about your situation so we can try to figure out what’s going on.

The situation I tested:
Initial login screen A
Register screen B
Home screen after login C

So I went from A without logging in to B and then from there logged in, and was brought straight to C (as initial view was dismissed). None of the pages were opened into modal, only as another page.

Please explain your scenario and let me know if I can have a look at your app – also let me know of some user id and password I can use to test logging in.

Thank you @Mevi

Everything works as expected in all versions of Appgyver (the app and online) but does not work when the code is compiled / built and released on the app store.

The 6-21-2021 release has been uploaded and approved at the Google Play Store under “MouthMint”. It generates the auth-token, displays it on the screen, but does not auto-login the user as it does in both Appgyver preview modes. This has proven very problematic as users thinks they are not properly registered and close the app frustration (or contact me). Closing the app and logging in with their newly registered information works as intended.

To see data, use:
password: 1111aaaa

Here is the same problem in the “bug” forum.