Authentication: dismiss initial view does nothing (web)

Hell, I’ll throw this out there to anyone. Has anyone seen this issue? “Dismiss initial view” works on AppGyver (web and app), but not on the built code.

Anyone can get the app and recreate the errors. In the newest version of the code a toast window shows the registration auth-token, and then nothing happens.

This is the released logic field showing the auth-token toast. Its a bit different from last time I posted it, but neither worked.


To circle back on this in case anyone else is having the same problem.

It appears “dismiss initial view” only works on a single page. I needed to get some outside help on this.

This is the process that works, starting when the user clicks on the “Create new account” button.


In summary, there is no different “new user signup page”; everything stays on the “User log-in page”. Existing components are hidden and a second password field is made visible. When the Auth-token comes back from the new user registration the initial view is dismissed and the new user is logged in.

This process works on all versions, (web preview, appgyver app and built/release on Google Play)


I am experiencing the exact same thing. I have a sign up, login system and the bug is on android, using authentication one cant dismiss initial view without enabling navigation. On web it works but on mobile its not working. This is a problem that must be looked at. I tested it multiple times even connecting only a dismiss inital view to the login button but it just reloads the page and does nothing. I even tried using the custom navigation and it still persists. I’m very sure theres nothing wrong with my code since it runs sucessfully on web i.e But on both appgyver legend and appgver preview on android its not working at all. Someone help its been 2 years since the report. Please help I could give you my logins to try help. @Mevi btw I love your videos on youtube.

I haven’t seen anyone say that they were able to get ‘dismiss initial view’ to work without navigation. My issue was that it only works on one screen, the login screen, but did not also work on new user registration. That problem was “solved” by making the login and new-user registration screens the same screen and hiding elements of the window.

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