Authorisation, Navigation Menu weirdness

I don’t want to have a navigation menu or header bar in my app (I want more granular control over the navigation though the app), but when I turn them off i get weird behaviour. On the Appgyver simulator app on my ipad, i can’t get past the log in screen (even with correct credentials, it just stays on the login screen) but on the Mac simulator app login works, but other weirdnesses occur.

I’ve set the “page” (i presume that’s the start page) to the first page i want the user to access after login - is that right?

Hi Oli, your setup sounds correct – I’ll report this as a bug to the development team.

In the meanwhile I suggest you use the AG Legend preview app or the web preview (Launch tab → Open app preview portal), where this feature seems to be working correctly.

Cheers Mari - I’ll try that and report back!


Hi Mari,

with the AG legend app, the issue is the same as with the AG Mac app - I can log in, but the app behaves strangely. Additionally while I can connect to the debugger, it doesn’t show any data so i can’t find out what’s going on!


Hi, the strange behaviors are probably caused by your app having some functionality that isn’t supported by older runtimes – the Mac preview app hasn’t been updated in a long time and is still running version 1.8.1 and AG legend is at 1.9.22, while the preview app and web preview are both in version 2.4.33. You’ll probably want to release your app in the newest runtime anyway, so sticking to the web preview and iOS/Android preview app for testing is a good idea.

To be able to test with the preview app while the bug fix in progress, you could use the “Dismiss initial view” flow function immediately after app launch on the Global Canvas. This allows you to bypass the login process without having to turn off authentication for your app.

OK - i think what I’ll do is keep the navigation menu in there for the time being. How will we know when the bug fix is out to resolve this issue?

As a wider point - for novice (no)coders like myself - it’s really hard to know what issues are caused by my bad work and what are caused by bugs in the app. It makes developing a little like stumbling around with a blindfold on.

For example - I’m trying to work out some strangeness to do with data coming from my backend - and it’s not super comforting to know that it might be a bug in appgyver rather than something stupid that i’ve done!!!

Hey Ho.

Hi, you can follow the changelog for information on platform updates.

Thanks for the feedback – I completely understand your frustration as a user (and as a developer, traditional development also often feels like “stumbling around with a blindfold on”). Bringing something complex to a level where anyone can do it is no easy feat, but it’s something that our team is dedicated to. Reports like this from users are really important since while we do extensive testing of the platform, not every possible scenario gets caught by us. So thank you for bearing with us, and keep letting us know if you have any questions or you think something is not right with the platform, so we can work together to improve the experience!

Cheers Mari - I appreciate the amazing work you guys are doing - so thanks so much.

I just can’t bear the ‘unknown unknowns’…


Hey! I have the exact same issue. I hope it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Hi, yes a fix to this will be included in the next release. :slight_smile: