Auto-confirming phone number

In some apps, when you create an account, it has you use your phone number as your primary (instead of email). It sends a confirmation text which it is able to automatically read, so the user doesn’t have to manually enter the code to confirm that that’s their phone number.

Is that something that could be done within Composer?

Or are there any other ways it could auto-confirm? Maybe by accessing the About Phone info?

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You mean the suggestion iOS does where a code in an SMS is autodetected by the OS and shown at the top of the keyboard? I think that might happen automatically if you just set the keyboard type to number-pad for your user.

As for sending the confirmation text itself, you’d use a third-party service like Twilio for that.

I’ll be sure to check my keyboard type :slight_smile:

Beyond that, I found this description of how Tinder automatically fetches and processes an SMS confirmation code.

I know how to send the code via SMS. I’m wondering if AppGyver can do what this person described.

(Again, I’m going on vacation this week, but I look forward to picking this up again when I’m back!)

AFAIK on iOS the only way is to use which shows the incoming SMS code as a one-click input above the keyboard, but this still won’t process the SMS code automatically. For Android, it’s possible to automate this fully, but that requires the READ_SMS permission which your users might not want to readily give.

Neither are ATM available, but should be easy additions once we get the plugin architecture up and running.

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