Auto Fetch phone number from device?


Is it possible that users can get their phone numbers in Input field directly fetched from device instead of typing / putting manually? I don’t want my users to write their phone numbers by typing.
Pls help if there is a way out.

I don’t think this is possible at the moment. The input field would need to specify the type of content looked for in order for the phone to recognize and provide the autofill option, and we don’t have that option available at this moment.

@Mevi Thanks for your reply.
Could you please help me if there can be a work around / anything possible?
Thanks in advance.

The only “workaround” would be getting the user’s number with the “Get all contacts” flow function. But that works only if a user has their own number in the contacts list – which is quite uncommon. Furthermore, applications tend to abstain from autofilling any data from a device, as a user may want to enter a number different from currently used.

Lastly, please avoid directly tagging moderators and other users. Forums are an equal environment, which makes asking for direct help reduce your chances of getting any.

@Kirill_Leventcov Thanks.