Automatic conversion to number causes issues

Dear Appgyver team,

the new feature of automatically converting strings to numbers internally if they are only numeric causes issues in several areas on my end:

  • MATCHES_REGEX: if the first parameter is a numeric string, it does not work anymore
  • TRIM_WHITESPACE issue (as reported already)
  • I also had the issue with an equal comparison between an page variable and a data variable object property. I had to convert both sides with “STRING” in order to get it work
    Is there any general guidance on where the limitations are at the moment?


Hi! Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look at these issues :thinking: Let us know if there’s more you run into.

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@Johannes can you confirm if this issue persists with 2.5.10? What was the previous version where this was working?

Looks like 2.5.10 fixed these issues for me, thanks!