Automatically delete data records after 1 year in database possible?

I have made an calendar. I got it working to add meetings to specified dates. Is it possible to delete records automatically after e.g. 1 year to not have as much data records that maybe increase the speed?
(1 year maybe are roundabout 60 data records)

Hmm, well, you’d have to make the logic yourself. If you’re using a third party database, they may have tools for that, but if you’re using something we provide, you’d have to either do a check that is run that deletes old data, or an admin-only button or something that can be used to trigger data clean-up or something :thinking:

@friendly424234 did u find a solution?

sorry, but I didn’t find a solution for that. But if you use other hosters for database than appgyver it might work in their settings.