Automatically logging user in after Firebase Auth Singup

I am using the firebase authetication and signup flow and everything works perfectly, except the user needs to then login after signing up for my app to work. I am trying to figure out a way to have a user automatically progress as a logged in user to continue in the app without needing to go back through and login as it breaks the onboarding flow. I feel like this is a pretty simple use case but I’ve been trying all sorts of things and failing. Before over engineering some solution I wanted to see if anyone could advise. I’ve looked through the forums and am not finding an answer. That said, I think I may be asking the wrong question…

Hi there,
You can use the " Email & password authentication (Firebase Auth)" flow right after your signup flow. So that the signup also results in sign-in.


Also, if im not mistaken, you get a refresh token after sign in, so you can use the refresh token to sign in token sequence and get him signed in.


Thanks for the quick reply guys! I ended up using the email/password authentication method. The one piece that gave me a little bit of trouble was not including the “Dismiss Initial View” but once I figured it out all everything has started working.

I’m using this method and it was working. But after 10-15 minutes firebase login fails and gives an error:

Authentication failed. Please check the user email and password.

I’ve created another project from scratch and everything is working again after trying 10-15 times (register and then login flow) starts to give same error. I really don’t know why. Any idea?

P.S I am trying to do sth like this:
sign up new user
login the new user in flow and redirect him to a personal details page to fill up some additional info. Because of the firebase rules, I need to use HTTP post with idToken but it doesn’t work. Firstly it gives Permission denied error then Authentication failed. Please check the user email and password. error.

It happened to me too.
Please share your flow functions but it might simply be that you need to do a hard refresh (hit shift + refresh) on the login page to clear the signin cookie.

I am on appgyver app ios preview. How do I clear the signin cookies?

I think you are right. There is sth with my preview app cache. I tries it on web preview portal and it worked. I need to clear AppGyver Preview app data on my iphone. Do you have any idea?

Just log out, and then log in back again.