Automatically logging user in after Firebase Auth Singup

I am using the firebase authetication and signup flow and everything works perfectly, except the user needs to then login after signing up for my app to work. I am trying to figure out a way to have a user automatically progress as a logged in user to continue in the app without needing to go back through and login as it breaks the onboarding flow. I feel like this is a pretty simple use case but I’ve been trying all sorts of things and failing. Before over engineering some solution I wanted to see if anyone could advise. I’ve looked through the forums and am not finding an answer. That said, I think I may be asking the wrong question…

Hi there,
You can use the " Email & password authentication (Firebase Auth)" flow right after your signup flow. So that the signup also results in sign-in.


Also, if im not mistaken, you get a refresh token after sign in, so you can use the refresh token to sign in token sequence and get him signed in.


Thanks for the quick reply guys! I ended up using the email/password authentication method. The one piece that gave me a little bit of trouble was not including the “Dismiss Initial View” but once I figured it out all everything has started working.