Avoid Duplicity in repeated input fields

I want to avoid duplicity in the values for the list of components repeated. What formula should i write to stop the user from giving same value in multiple repeating input boxes.
It will be very helpful if someone can help me regarding that.

App ID -315037

to do that, you need to use this function to the input value CAPITALIZE and then check if the value already exists in your lists with something like this function IS_IN_ARRAY
For anything more specific you would need to share some images and details

(also have you thought that if a user writes the same word put a different letter it will get accepted.)

Hey @Dimos_Vamvourellis, thank you for replying.

This is a form with multiple input text boxes and 1 image upload input which I’m repeating n no. of times, where n could be any integer from 2-6. I want that let’s suppose if this form is repeated 2 times the PAN input box will be repeated twice, and hence the user should not be able to proceed to the next page if they give “BFFWEB374” as a value to both PAN input boxes. Similarly, I want to restrict the condition for all text input boxes in the form.

kindly let me know if any more info is required.

oh, ok then you should have a list of objects, for each variable that you want to make sure you dont have duplicates, and each time the user inputs a value, you need to check if that value already exists in that list. the idea is the same as i explained above, you can use this function IS_IN_ARRAY
the only thing to take into consideration, to whether you need to apply this function to the input value first, or you want to make all letters lower case or if you dont care about the lower case or capital and each one is a different valid input.
I hope you understand