Back 4 App password reset

Thanks Harri,

I have connected it to Back4App.

What is strange is that password reset works on the preview when I preview it from web but on the appgyver app on my phone it doesn’t work when trying to reset password.

It doesn’t give any errors either.

I have setup the input correctly as far as I can see. The custom JS is linked to the button.

Any help will be appreciated.

Once done I will share my steps as well for those that are having trouble connection API to app.

Wow, I didn’t even know you could use import on web! :smiley: I assume the issue is that import doesn’t work on the mobile JavaScript runtime. It would certainly be a very useful feature; I’ll see if it would be easy to enable on mobile too.

The current verified-to-work way would be to make the raw HTTP request using a REST API direct integration or HTTP request node.

Also, you’re displaying your Parse keys to the whole Internet on your screenshot, so be sure to change them unless you have a test env that doesn’t matter. Furthermore, the code inside an app in that fashion is not secure, so anyone inspecting your app files will be able to find your secret keys (not familiar with Parse enough to know if it’s an issue or not). Typically, the correct approach is to keep the secrets in a backend and only provide them to the user after they authenticate.