Back button (To go from one page to another and when the back button is pressed, it does not return to that page)

A God bless you to the whole community. To ask you a question: How to create a page or canvas, and that when the person enters the page, and click on the back button is not returned to the home page.

Hi there, so what you want to happen when they press the back button, if they dont go back?

Because generally, the way the back button works, is that you use an icon and you put the go back logic in it, so if you dont want it to go back, you can simply not use the go back logic, and instead you can use whatever you want.

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Hello, thank you very much for your reply.
I tell you… What happens is that I do not want to activate the authentication start, actually the app I want to start in a canvas that shows the home logo and after about 4 seconds go to the main home canvas, where people there if you can move to wherever.
When I create the logo startup and after 4 seconds it goes to the startup canvas, with the by button on the phone if they hit back, it goes back to the startup logo and that’s what I don’t want.

While if I activate the authentication and it goes to the home, no matter how much I give it backwards, it will not go back to the authentication start; but when I tell the authenticator and I change the canvas to the logo canvas, it no longer works the 4 seconds that I program to go to the home.

That’s why I was asking how to make that when people see the logo start and pass the 4 seconds to the start of the application, that when they give back with the default button of Android, that better give him leave instead of returning to the home logo and the customer has to wait again those 4 seconds to open the app and view its contents.

Your issue seems similar to what we have on the iPhone Preview-App as well. There are standard “go back” buttons, that result in bugs from time to time. Because sometimes we don’t want an user to have the option to go back to the previous page.

Did you find a solution in the meantime?

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Best regards. Yes, the solution is with the “Navigate Back” component, which serves to return, giving good results. Even when the “Navigate Back” is applied, also with the default Button of Android or iOS, it does the same result.

From your previous post I had the impression, that you want no automatic “Navigate Back Button” at all and were looking for a solution to remove that button from the navigation top bar.

But now I see, that you are embracing it. :hugs:

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When you drag the “NAVIGATE BACK” component, you click on the same component, and there are the options of how many times you want to go back, or leave it at the number “0” if you do not want to go back, so as not to return to the previous page and better redirect the client with a button to another page or restart the application.