Back navigation in webview

with webview there is not away navigate a website. Without a back button the webview only works to view one webpage not an entire site. Is there anyway to remedy this?

I think if you are building the website then you can use the browser back button to navigate to the webview.

So I’m actually using different pages of a website as buttons on the bottom menu in the app. So I need the webview to have a way to navigate back… You can see in the screenshot that when a user clicks on a link where there aren’t any other links, there is no way to navigate besides closing the app.

I’m trying the following:

From webview event – Component onLocationChange I need to add the url to the page variable

Using component properties the URL shows as unavailable

Any ideas?

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Apologies for the bump but are there any plans to integrate back navigation in the Webview module?

A good example is:
Web Viewer - Thunkable Docs