Backend creation

Hi all, I’m a new AppGyver user.

I start by apologizing for my English, but I’m using a translator.

I find this platform very valid for the graphic creation of mobile applications, but my question is: how do I create the necessary backend to be able to interact with my future users without knowing how to program? I found the answer: AWS Amplify, but I would like to go into more detail.
My app must have the ability to create profiles (name, surname, username, email, number and password), to which I can grant greater access, which can modify and upload articles (image, title, description) and products in output (image, title, price and description) for information only, therefore it is not a product for sale.
My “dream” would be to be able to implement this feature directly from the app, so that my collaborators (those who write articles and add the “product info articles”) can do it directly from the app, without having to access external tools or sites .
This function should be relatively simple: access the app (or external platform), enter the “new item” or “new release” option (product out), enter the various characteristics (title, photo, price and description), confirm and a new “card” is created on the app, in the “articles” section (for example) with only the title and, if present, the price, with the function that clicking on it opens a new page already graphically pre- set with image, title, price (if any) and description. (those previously entered from the app or external platform)

I would like all this to be possible without having to update the app, as it would be inconvenient for users to update it daily to read news.

I hope I have been clear enough and I remain available for further information.

Could someone help me with more information or links to informational courses?

In my opinion, AWS Amplify is a good option for creating a backend for your mobile application as it provides a variety of services, including user storage and authentication.

To create a profile creation feature, you can use AWS Cognito, which is a cloud-based user authentication and authorization service. You can use it to create a registration and login system for your users and assign specific permissions for each of them.

To add the ability to create and modify articles and products, you can use AWS AppSync, an AWS service for creating and connecting a GraphQL API to your data. You can use it to create an interface for your collaborators to add and modify content on your application without needing to update it.

As for the functionality to see the changes without updating the application, you can consider using a push notification service or a “pull to refresh” feature in your application so that users can update the information automatically.

Regarding more information or courses, it would be good to look on YouTube for help or ideas, but it might be hard to find specific videos about AWS Amplify since in the community other services like Firebase, Baserow, Xano, Supabase, etc. are often used to connect the database with AppGyver.