Backend guide for newbie

Hi there, Alberto here.

I’m new to the community (still taking lessons and such) but after a few videos, guides and such I came up with the fact that I’m gonna need a backend platform and although there are other answers to this question I still don’t know which one should I pick.

Long story short I’m doing this app-building thing as a personal project to improve productivity in my work so I something with a strong free plan that allows me to ship the app without (too much) cost. Maybe in the future, there is the option of upgrading plans.

Right now I’m leaning into firebase and I looking into shashido or appveen. But as I’m new here I don’t really know if there is a hidden downside I’m not aware of or security issues that will come later and bite my a**.

I’m aware there are other options like airtable but those ones were dropped due to pricing, security issues or things like that.

Anyway, I was thinking maybe someone could give a newbie some advice on what to look for when looking for a backend solution.

Thank you in advance!