Backendless and Appgyver Images

Hey! So I just started using Backendless for my app and I was wondering what format something needs to be to work as an AppGyver Image.
These are the options presented by Backendless:

  1. String
  2. Text
  3. Datetime
  4. Int
  5. Double
  6. Boolean
  7. JSON
  8. File Reference
  9. Data Object Relationship
  10. Point
  11. Linestring
  12. Polygon
  13. Geometry
  14. Autonumber
  15. Multiple choice
    I can rule out most of those but I left them because why not.
    *bonus points If you answer the same question for firebase

Hi Tristan, there isn’t really such a thing as an “AppGyver image”, an image always needs a source URL that is a string. If it’s a static image (part of the layout), you can also upload it.

Where you get the image URL from depends on whether your app:

  1. has images that come from the user (photos taken with camera or gallery uploads): What you need to store in Backendless is a storageKey that points to your image file (string), which you then use to get a temporary download URL (string) for it to show it in the app. Check out this tutorial for the basics.
  2. has external images, such as an image for a news item → these files need to be hosted somewhere and then you display them using the image URL (string)

Hi, @Mari, any chance you’ve got a working link to your tutorial? This is actually what I’m working to implement now. Long story short, I’m using the Pick Image from Library component to pull in avatar images off a user’s device and store them to a temporary page variable where, upon the user clicking a Save Changes button, that should fire the avatar’s image URL to the appropriate storage column in our backend.

Where I’m having trouble is figuring out the best way to convert the raw file into a usable image URL. Any insights?