Backendless API Pagination

I have gone a full circle on APIs and pagination…initially was trying with Airtable but ultimately used Firestore as the limit on records was easily overcome using a Query Parameter.
Now looking at Backendless for a few things such as authorisation and would like to have my data (a few tables with under 300 records) there too…but I have encountered pagination again…maximum records is 100!
Is the simplest thing to tailor the http request for Airtable that is detailed on a few topics in this forum…for Backendless, or is there another way? My non developer brain is asking the question, can I combine the output of two/three REST APIs into one ‘Data Variable’ or one 'Page Variable?
Help greatly appreciated!

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Hi! Please see this thread for further advice :slight_smile:

Hi All

I eventually figured this out on the Backendless side…you can create what they call a service which enables an API to them to bring back more than 100 records…for Backendless, you basically create the offset at their end…I am sure there are other ways to do it, but that is how I did it.


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