Backendless database app - Logout endpoint error while GET request - Unexpected end of JSON inputstatus - 1

Hello All,


I’m using the Backendless database API in my app. While GetRecord request for Logout endpoint throwing error saying - Unexpected end of JSON input status - 1.

Backendless database Logout API endpoint returns empty body with 200 status. I think empty response is not accepted by AppGyver API data source.

Please help.

Unexpected end of JSON input status - 1.

That seems right, empty response for GET request is not supported. However, even if you can’t test it in the data configurator, you can still use the Get record flow function.

Alternatively, you can use the HTTP request flow function on its own, potentially wrapping it in a flow function for reusability.

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Thanks, @Harri_Sarsa. I have managed to achieve this using Java scripts flow. It works fine.

Hey both, can explain a bit more about how to get this to work? I’m facing similar issues, not sure how to do it properly.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @vancewong could you describe your problem in more details?

It’s been a while since this topic was created, but I’m also having the same problem. The Logout API from Backendless returns an empty body with 200 OK status, which gives this error Unexpected end of JSON input status - 1. The Get record function seems to also return an error that is breaking my logic flow. Any ideas as to how to work around this? If the only solution is using a custom JavaScript flow, could someone explain it in more detail? Thanks!

I ended up using HTTP Request to bypass the issue with logout and just getting the code.