Backendless database for Login and Register funtionality

Hello, I am thinking to use backendless DB for my app idea with AppGyver. Anyone here have used backendless for login and register functionality.

Also can you please advise which is a good backend platform to work with AppGyver.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi @Hariprasad_Srinivas, I tested the Backendless API a while ago. Was pretty straightforward, with no issues.

These days I’m trying out Parse (hosted on / Looks like I’ll stick with it.

Let me know if you would like to know more about either option.

Thanks @S_MittalM for the response. I will have a look at the platform you mentioned.

I have successfully implemented the Registration and Login for my app using Backendless. I found it is quite easy and working smooth.

But the only thing I observed that the Backendless app logout endpoint return empty body response. Looks like AppGyver API data source does not accept endpoints with an empty body. There was an error saying unexpected end of JSON input status: - 1. But I managed to handle that using Javascript function. It works now.

Did you come across this error - unexpected end of JSON input status: - 1. Please suggest. Thanks

hi @Hariprasad_Srinivas, I’m also implementing Backendless with appgyver. I’m interested in adding two additional features:

  1. App login remembered (cached) from previous app login (authentication via backendless).
  2. Backendless push notification support

Are these areas you’ve implemented or considered yet?


Backendless have just published a guide for integrating with AppGyver, at least login functionality seems to be covered there :slight_smile:

Hi @Akseli_Virtanen,

Actually I followed the guide, it’s excellent and now I have a functioning AppGyver app with BAckendless back end data but I wanted to use Backendless push notes.

The backendless founder Mark Pillar just replied to me on the backendless forum saying…

“In order to receive push notifications in your app, the device must be (1) registered with APNS/FCM and then (2) subsequently with Backendless. The first step, i.e. how to register with APNS/FCM would be a question that AppGyver folks should be able to answer. The result of (1) is a token you get from Apple/Google. The token then should be used in API call to Backendless:”

I’ve since found this document
which I think answers at least some of my questions so I’ll give it a go and report back.