Background Location permission missing

Hi, is it possible to add the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission to the Build options?

My use-case: GPS beacon/geofencing feature in my app

But currently, while installing, only the “Allow Location only while app is in use” option is present.

Tested on Android so far.


We could add that, but the problem is that iOS and Android both limit the kind of code that can be run while the app is in the background, and the whole JavaScript runtime that executes flow function logic is too much for that. Thus, reacting to the location changes would need to happen somewhere else, which is kinda tricky to interface with the default way of building the app logic.

This is definitely something we want to tackle though, and once the 3rd party plugins are out, you can always write your event handler in a custom plugin. Can you describe the use case in more detail, how would the location data collected while the app is in the background be used?



  1. A rather popular one is for Transportation (Goods/Passenger). Detecting and notifying the backend whenever a vehicle carrying consignments/cargo crosses milestones/geofences.
  2. General geofencing: Perform custom actions once a certain geofence is crossed. Think IFTTT. You could trigger/notify multiple apps/IoT devices once they detect you’ve reached/left your home/work.

Yup, valid use cases – I’ll bring this up with the team to consider how something like this could be implemented in a versatile manner.

Note that expedited/custom plugin development can be arranged for AppGyver Black customers on a time and materials basis, so a specific use case can be tackled with that even before the 3rd party plugin feature is publicly available.

Hi Harri_Sarsa, looking at your last comment are you suggesting that the fuctionality is available but that we would have to pay / become AppGyver Black customers to achieve it?

My use case: Realtime location tracking for courier company.

Many thanks

PS. sorry if my question is too noob, it’ve because im a noob

@ S_MittalM


Is this feature here yet? It’s been a while from when this was asked so wondering. It would be really helpful if we could juts poll the geolocation to an external rest api in background and external services can suffice to above mentioned usecases.

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Not yet, we finally have third party plugin infra in internal testing but it’s still going to take a while to have the maturity for us to be able to have it publicly available. :confused:

any estimate on the timeline? I know you guys are doing best you can but I wanted to know if to wait or move to a code solution for app :frowning: if its coming anytime soon then it would be worth the wait since this is the only component appgyver is not able to provision for my app

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide any reliable estimate on the timeline. We’re working on it at the moment but it’s an epic task with a lot of repercussions in a lot of places, so it’ll take us some time still to get everything sorted out. If you’re in a hurry, I recommend you to look elsewhere. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help :frowning:

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And in this case, is it possible to get the source code at the end of the application in order to add the geolocation background scanning function to the Android SDK itself? I already have a script for solving this problem in the Android SDK, I only need the source code of my build

Unfortunately we can’t provide the source code for the application other than the compiled build you can download from Build Service.