Bar chart or line chart workaroun on Web Version

After some research i found that the Google Chart / D3.js component only works for mobile apps. So i’d like to know if anyone has a workaround to develop a bar chart or line chart for a WebApp. I was expecting to do something like this


None at the moment. They have been talking about chart for web since last August, but as usual, they tend to focus on unnecessary things and keep on delaying things that actually matter


I see, that’s disappointing. It’s a most have thing on every business app. Thats the second time i try to start a project on AG and some limitation stops me for keep going and use the platform. Hope this year we see some good news. I love the way AG is made and i think this is the best platform to develop no/low code apps. But those restrictions discouraged we developers. I’ll try to figure a way to develop a bar chart, maybe i’ll use the slider to simulate the bar.

I think i found a way. Not certain it’ll work but we can use the Dynamic SVG image component and create the svg image such as this one on W3Scholls:

This is only the bar i created.


Hello guys, i’m doing well on the attempt to generate a chart but there is something i cant do is to allign the chart to the bottom of the container:

As you can see the chart is on top. I tried changing the container properties but i didn`t work. Does anyone here has any experience with svg and could help me?

Bellow my configs and my svg text:

svg width=35 height=200 rect width=35 height=+DIV(repeated.current.valor_pedido,20)+ style=fill:rgb(200,140,120);stroke-width:3;stroke:rgb(200,140,120) svg