Batch Processing for Client and Cloud Storage

Given that both Client Side Storage and Cloud Storage are used in the same way, this question apples to both. In the Logic Canvas, there are 5 DATA operations.

  • Create Record
  • Get Record
  • Update Record
  • Get Record Collection
  • Delete Record

I really like the way that each has their own set of parameters, which allows me to simply enter what I want to do, without having to fuss with SQL syntax.

But what about batch processing? Generally speaking, what would be the best way to run through a set of records and selectively update certain fields? I been reading though the posts here in the forum and the closest thing I have found is the MAP function, but that’s for arrays.
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Anyway it’s a NoSQL database so no SQL fuzz and not sure how else you would want to update as set of records instead of going through them as an array. I’d think its either an array of id’s you want to do some operation to, or an array of objects you want to replace the current data with.

Anyway doing bulk edit would just lessen the strain on the database, instead of running multiple updates through a map.

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