Becoming a No-coder - Part 5 (Creating signup) - AppGyver and Xano

This video focuses on creating the signup process for your mobile app. You will have all you need to get a new user account created from the AppGyver mobile app all the way through to the Xano APIs and User table.


Great video, thank you!

Your welcome! More to come :slight_smile:

Hello Steve, thanks for the video which is detail and very useful. I am stuck in create new account button in login page. I have re-created from scratch twice by following your videos and still stuck. Need your help. After clicking that button, nothing is happened (unable to go to signup page, still remain in login page). I am new to appgyver. What kind of screenshots you want me to share?

@ccctycyc.it01 In the advanced properties of the Signup page there is a property labeled “Allow page to be opened without authentication”. This needs to be turned on. Regrettably, this wasn’t in existence when I made the videos :frowning: It causes issues pretty frequently. Thanks for watching!!

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Hello Steve, got it! Thanks very much :smiley:

Hello Steve, sorry to trouble you. In Xano, I added a field called “group” in user table. Each user will have his own user group. Then todo list can display content according to logged-in user group. In todo list, besides linking data resource of todo, i also linked data resource of login. I can display authToken in alert message (for debug purpose). Tried to display current user group, email and password but failed. I am not sure whether because of user ID text/integer problem and I cannot fix it. Do you have any suggestion or need my App ID?

@ccctycyc.it01 You may need to share some screenshots for context. If I were to guess, I would say you need to save your new api schema for the api that now has the group property. This is done in the AppGyver Data resource page. After you test the api and see group in the results, save the schema using the set/save schema button.

It could also be in Xano if the output of the query doesn’t show the group property as being part of the Output.

Ok I got it. The mistake is Xano - not yet output other fields properly. Thank you very much

Hello @Steve_Stava, thanks for this wonderful video. I have a problem with sign up button, I’ve done all of the steps and it works fine until I try to sign up in the app preview. Then I get the following message:

JSON error response from server: {“code”:“ERROR_CODE_INPUT_ERROR”,“message”:“Missing param: field_value”,“payload”: {“param”:“field_value”}}.

I don’t know how to interpret the error message and how to solve it.

That looks like an error message being passed back from your Xano api call. You can look at the Xano api request details in each of your apis in Xano. For this problem it seems like you will want to go into your signup api and select the “Request History” menu item from the 3 ellipses next to the “Run & Debug” button (see attached screenshot).

From there you will get a list of the api calls that have come into Xano for that api. You can look at the data that was sent to Xano and the execution path and output of the api. Everything is timestamped so you should be able to find the specific api calls that are failing.

My guess is that the data you expect to be sent to the api is not actually being sent but this approach should help you narrow down where the problem is

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This is the result from the history using the front end appgyver. There was no input being sent to xano api. But in the Data resource API test, the result was successful.