Becoming a No-coder - Part 9, 10 & 11 (Image upload series) - AppGyver and Xano

I have added 3 videos for uploading images from your mobile app.

  • Part 9 is the image upload API in Xano.
  • Part 10 is the AppGyver changes to select and display an image from your mobile photo library
  • Part 11 is the connection of the API and mobile image selection to do an image upload from your mobile device to your backend in Xano.

Each video is around 15 minutes (give or take a few minutes)

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hey … I just started with your YT videos (still in part 1 video), but I can’t follow the steps that you show as XANO asks for an invite code that I don’t have. Can you send me an invite link? thank you :slight_smile:

[UPDATE] You can go to and use steve101 to get your early access account!

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Thanks for this, I needed to do exactly the same thing today! I am having one issue and I don’t know if you have any more information - I can run my upload image API call perfectly inside Xano with no issues. The API uploads a base64 string to my table and I can retrieve the image and display it inside AppGyver.

The issue I have is when I try to call the upload API from AppGyver (or indeed from Postman) I get a 403. I am wondering if it is because I am on the ‘free’ plan and I need to upgrade to use this feature? Just wondering if you are on a paid plan with Xano right now.

I am glad that the videos are helpful! As far as the 403 goes, do you have your image upload API secured (need Bearer token in the call from AppGyver and Postman)?

It looks like a Xano free account will allow image uploads (not videos or attachments), so your account should work for uploading an image.

If the authToken is not the issue, then I would recommend sharing your issue on the Xano forum. They are very good at getting back with people.

Also, you are welcome to share some additional details here and I will continue to try to troubleshoot with you.

Hey Steve, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I never enabled auth, but I even passed the Bearer + appVar containing the auth token to be safe, it didn’t help. I posted on the Xano forum so let’s see if they can help me out over there!

The more I think about the 403 the more I think it is probably an issue with how you have defined the api in AppGyver.

Since you have it working in Xano, it probably isn’t them.

Can you share the screen shots of your AppGyver config for the api as well as what you used to test it in AppGyver?

Also, did you use the “copy endpoint” capability in Xano to get the url for configuring the api in AppGyver?

I am assuming you are using the “create record” (Post) for the AppGyver call to the Xano api?

Sorry for all the questions :slight_smile: just trying to get a more clear picture

I thought so too, but I get the 403 in Postman too. Let me grab some screenshots of Postman & AppGyver & Xano in case there is something glaringly obvious.

Looks like Xano found a bug ( so I’ll wait for their fix and retest!

Thanks for the update! I am guessing they will get a bug like that fixed pretty quickly.