Best api to work with appgyver

I have done some research about doing online app and found that the best apis are xano or backendless so my question is there free version of them or if you know better api to work with appgyver and is free please recommend me. The app i am building is an app that shows if a book is available or not in a store so the user need an internet to access it. I need an api that is compatible with i am all ears.

They are both free, and both good

When i go to xano pricing it says 29 for month and continues

It used to have a free option

I will look on it thanks for your info it was helpful

I’ve been using Xano since last November (early access before they formally launched) and it was one of the best decisions I made. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. And I think I can give you a discount code for 10% off for a year or something like that (I think I get a kickback–not sure). If you start using it, make sure you touch base with their team via the community and Office Hours which they host twice a week. They’re lifesavers.


I’ve used Sashido with great success - 1 free month then 4.99 per month after.