Best solution for alerts, like as alarm clock?

Can you help me on what better way to take? I searched the forum with no answers. I need to notify the user once or twice at a definite time, can you confirm that it cannot be done from the device but I have to do it remotely, meaby using notifications with firebase or is there another solution?

If you need the notification to show up, when the app is not in use, there is no other option, other than using notifications, sent remotely (ex from firebase)

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hi, thanks Dimos;
I completed the nitifications following this post:

but now I don’t know how to configure the alarms, I don’t know how to set AppGyver and Firebase, maybe it’s not quite the right forum, but maybe someone can point me to another post or reference guide? How do I set firebase to notify Dimos at 8:00 “Good morning Dimos, remember …”, xDelfino at 8:45 “Good morning xDelfino, remember …”, etc. Maybe the solution is simple but I haven’t been able to find it until now