Best way to create survey responses?

I have a survey from Google Forms that I would like to have the results posted on my app. The problem I’m having is that my survey has multiple sections on different topics and I want to have those different sections each have a results section on the app. My first thought was to have a dropdown menu that looks something like:
[Topic 1]
(Question 1 and results)
(Question 2 and results)
(Question 3 and results)
[Topic 2]
(Question 1 and results)
(Question 2 and results)
(Question 3 and results)

The topics would be on a dropdown menu and the results for that topic would show up either on the dropdown menu or below it. Is there anyway to get this? I’m really new to all this and have no coding knowledge.

This is certainly doable and seems like a nice first challenge for getting familiar with all the concepts and the mindset that is required for programming.

First thing you would want to think about is about your data. Maybe get familiar with concepts of arrays, objects and JSON. In your domain you have topics, questions and results. So which kind of relationships these have? Are they singular or plural? There are many topics which each have many questions and each question have many results. So it’s a nested structure.

I don’t have the perfect answer for how this should be done but I suggest you try to just tinker around with ideas on what’s the best way for you to do this.

I would probably start out using structure something like this

questions = [
     question: "is beer good",
     answer_options: [
         { label: "Yes", value: "yes" },
         { label: "No", value: "no" }
     results: {
         yes: 600,
         no: 0,
      topic: "alcohol"
    question: "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
     answer_options: [.......]
     results: {....},
     topic: "Holy Grail"

Another way that could be easier to play around with would be having multiple questions objects for each topic if they’re not dynamic etc…

The reason why my answer_options looks like array of objects with label and value as keys is because I happen to know that our dropdown options are structured like this so this would be easy to implement the dropdown component.

Hope this helps