Best way to make app available on desktop and mobile?

Curious what people think is the best way to handle developing for web and mobile when the web version would be significantly different to the mobile app version (ie. the app is very app-y, when I get to the web version it would be almost a whole different thing!)

Do you guys recommend a bunch of logic to show/hide stuff depending on device or just create a completely separate project?

Me, personally, after reading about so many things that work differently or dont work at all between web and mobile, i would do 2 separate projects so that the web app looks and behaves like a native web app, and the mobile app looks like a native mobile app - rather than a mix of the two.

Thanks John, that was what I was thinking. Hopefully there are no issues running two separate AppGyver projects beyond the obvious not being able to copy all the APIs across easily!

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The downside obviously is that it creates twice the amount of work. All i know is my mobile app does not scale well at all as a web app. The visual design becomes too distorted and too many functions/features just dont work at all in web. So in my case i would need to manually design a “web version” separately. It just depends on your particular design i guess and what kind of functionality you need to support.

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Have you considered just setting up different pages on the same app so that you don’t have to re add all of your data sources etc, then re routing to each page depending on OS or screen size? You could reserve app variables as data related and make anything that affects display/style a page variable.