Best Way To Pull 1 Piece of Data From Database Daily?

So, when the app opens, I want it to consult the database for a date matching today, and then give me the related number attached to it in the database.

The database has 2300 records, so what’s the best way to just pull the data I need without having to load it all? Each day, I only need a single record.


A good way to do it, is filtering the data collection(and only getting one document), by the date field.
like bellow, you can choose the date field and in the compared value you can put an app variable of the current date, I dont know how exactly you can get the current date, but i imagine this would be possible with an api call or maybe by getting it from the phone?
The only thing would be that you would need to change the date format to much the one in your database exactly, so you can compare it in filtering.

I hope this helps you

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Edited - Yes, that is exactly what I needed.

I made a Data variable, with Collection of data records.

I added a Filter condition as described, and I made the Compared Value be a Formula: NOW(“M/D/YYYY”) (which matched my specific date format)

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