Beta announcement!

Hi everyone!

We are rolling out a major runtime upgrade soon that will bring with it performance improvements and new features like more powerful composite components, dynamic custom fonts in Preview app, advanced navigation configurations, repeated input fields that work without extra logic and much more.

We are aiming to enter private beta in the following weeks, and we’ll be selecting members of our community to participate in testing out the new runtime.

Apply for the beta here


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Hi, I would like to be part of beta group. Please add me to the group. I am sure I can add more value as I am basically software tester / architect in my progression. I got 15 years of experience in web and Mobile based apps testing and also development using React and flutter based frameworks. I have been using AppGyver more than a month now i am quite impressed with platform. I would like to be part part of the group. Thanks

Added you to the beta, look for a Slack invite in your inbox!

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