Binary file size difference

When i build my app, the Android.apk file is a 44.4 mb file. The iOS .ipa file is 17.1 mb.

That’s a fairly big difference between them. Out of curiosity - and not ever have compiled anything with either Android Studio or X-Code - is there some particular reason for this large disparity in file sizes? I know that both file formats are essentially renamed .zip files, so this seems odd to me.

Was just curious. Thanks.

The Android file is an “universal binary”, meaning it will run on Android ARM, ARM 64 bit, x86 and x86 64 bit architectures, so there’s redundant code for maximum compatibility. We do have the option to produce 4 different binaries (that’s how the Preview app is built), which Google Play will then serve based on the requesting device, but that’s not yet enabled in Build Service.