Bind the input of a "combo box" to enable or disable a button?

Hey All - New to appgyver and looking to get some insight on this.

Essentially, I want to force the user to select an item from the drop down list in the combo box before moving to the next page. It looks like to do this, I have to bind the “Next” button to the input of the combo box via a formaula?? Not sure how to proceed.
Please help!

  1. Create text type page variable, i.e. pageVars.text

  2. Bind it to the value of Combo box

  1. Bind the button’s “Disabled” field to IS_EMPTY(pageVars.text)
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Thank you so much Mari. This worked for me.
However, if no input is selected, it still allows the user to move to the next page. I fixed this by creating an IF condition after the button is pressed, to check if the pageVars.text == ""

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