Binded Values are not updated in local storage


I have a repeated list which is displayed as the following:
With the plus and minus button, I am changing the number (in screenshot next to “Anzahl:”). This is working perfectly. But in the back the local resource is not getting updated.

What I did is: I have a local storage and the repeated list is binded to that. It is getting correctly binded, but not updated accordingly to the buttons.

AppID: 176394

Thanks for any help.

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So just to make sure, are you talking about the Set Item To Storage flow function (first screenshot) or a data resource of some kind (second screenshot)?

In any case, are you updating the value in the storage/resource after every click of the buttons? If you’re using the Set item to storage, then you should set the item to storage again after the buttons are clicked, to update its value after each click.

If you’re using a data resource, then you should update the record using the Update Record flow function after each click, so that the value gets updated in the resource.

Hej, ok thank you for the information. I though two-way-binding means that it will get updated also in the data resource.

Now I need a way to update the record in the data resource via a composite component …