Binding Data from Firestore fails


I have been beating myself up trying to figure what I did wrong, or incorrectly. I’m hoping someone can steer me around my insurmountable mountain;-)

I have a app with a connection to Firestore. I supply the Bearer ID and the rules work. The connection appears to work properly and the response back from Firestore gets the correct, and expected, data. However, I cannot seem to bind any of the returned data to any sort of variable in the app ( app variable, page variable or data variable). I am including screen shots of where I believe the problem may lie. The schema generates a sample object, containing my data, but the response from Firebase is encapsulated in square brackets, and therefore, cannot be bound??? The only way I can see any data from Firestore is to use a formula ENCODE_JSON of the response.


Any help is appreciated.

My app Variable was defined as an object with multiple properties. I changed it to a list of objects with multiple properties. It works now. I don’t understand the difference ;-(