Binding Data to dates from Date Picker

Hi all,

I am trying to make a personal workout routine app to keep myself on track. I have 3 different workouts (A Day, B Day, and, C Day). The home page of the app has 2 different date pickers. the 1st is to create a new workout log, and the 2nd is to allow me to look at old ones. I also have a page to post pictures of my progress. I am not sure how I would make a new workout entry that would bind to that specific date I created it on. I also don’t know how to have the 2nd date picker to show the exercise I did on a whatever date I picked. Please let me know if I need to re-explain anything, I know this was a lot.


Attached are screenshots of what I have done so far.

Save the date selected to a page (or app) variable for example and then use that date in creating the new workout log (you’ll need to have a data resource for this).