Binding List of objects with 2 properties Output Response to a list variable with the same schema

We are working with a REST API that has a list of objects with 2 properties as the response/output. We tried binding the output to a page variable that matches the response schema but we do not get any value. We used an alert to get the REST API output and we got this:

the output in the image is different from the response schema when we test the configuration. Does anyone know how the binding for this works?
Thank you all for your help

Did you build the page variable as a list with one object that has a list (translations) containing an object with 2 properties ‘text’ and ‘to’?

  translations [
  {"text": "Hallo an alle", "to": "de"}

Thank you @Fred_Kuzyk , I think this is what you mean:

We tried that but we do not get any value when we bind it. When we do check the output response with formula “outputs[“Create record”].response”, we get a response but when we check " outputs[“Create record”].response.translations[0].text", there is no value. We only get values as a response from your example

I lost track. What is the pb?
Please share screenshots.

Here it is


Here, just bind the list of objects with 1 property returned by the output of the create record flow, don’t bind values inside the list.

Thank you so much @Fred_Kuzyk ! it works. Thanks again.

@Fred_Kuzyk , Do you know how we could map the translation value as a text to display? We tried using a map formula but it did not work.

Sorry I don’t understand…