Binding variable image from Airtable

Hi there! Still new to Appgyver and there are a number of challenges I can seem to find answers for in the documentation. Apologies if there is an obvious answer to this!

I am binding a variable image to a list but can’t seem to select the image as a repeat data item. I’m sure it has something too do with the way the image data is being imported from Airtable, but can’t figure out how to fix it.

The GET request for the image looks like this:

The schema looks like this:

When I try to bind the data it only gives me this option:

It does not let me go into the folder to specifically select the image URL.

Not sure what else to do. In Airtable I only have the image in that field as an attachment.

Thoughts? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!


Use Formula to access it directly, using the . structure.

Also, Repeat wants a list of objects and it looks like you have an object of objects. Process the response into the format you need/want upon receipt.

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Kyle… thank you for this response! The solution sounds promising. Alas, I do not completely understand your recommendations as I am still very much a no-code novice.

If you’re willing, can you elaborate on your recommendations? I went down a rabbit hole around Formulas in Appgyver (which is exciting stuff) but I could not figure out how to use the formula function to access the image directly.

Regarding your second comment–it is a list of objects I am after. It is essentially a list of albums bring pulled from Airtable from a particular view which I configured in this way:

Not sure sure why it looks like “an object of objects” but would be very interested in further explanation here.

Thank you again so much.

I think I figured it out! I did a Source Formula binding. Then once in the formula I selected “currently repeated data items” and selected the image URL. Not sure if this was your intended path but the artwork seems to be presented in the list properly. Thank you!

It’s a bit counter intuitive if you’re a beginner but i think you must have this kind of issue.
Sorry if I misunderstood your question.

Glad to help.

Programmatically speaking, the difference between an object of objects and a “List” (array) of objects is:

var objOfObjects = {Hello.Earth, Hello.Mars}


var listOfObjects = [Hello.Earth, Hello.Mars];

In general for getting into formulas, check out our videos about them :slight_smile: