Birthday... how to find them

Any reason why this would not count birthdays for a given day?

The following works for number of birthdays this month…

COUNT(SELECT(outputs[“Get record collection”].records,FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(DATETIME(item.DateOfBirth),“MM”)==FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(DATETIME(NOW("")),“MM”)))

For number of birthdays TODAY… once I change “MM” to “MM-DD” it doesn’t find any.

COUNT(SELECT(outputs[“Get record collection”].records,FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(DATETIME(item.DateOfBirth),“MM-DD”)==FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(DATETIME(NOW("")),“MM-DD”)))


Sounds odd if it doesn’t work with that… Are you sure there are birthdays in the data for the checked date?

YUP. only thing I can think of is confusion in the functions with MM-DD and DD-MM during conversions. That said, the following works…

PLUCK(SELECT(outputs[“Get record collection”].records,GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(DATETIME(item.DateOfBirth), “month”)==GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(DATETIME(NOW("")),“month”)&& GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(DATETIME(item.DateOfBirth), “date”)==GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(DATETIME(NOW("")),“date”)) ,“Name”)