Blocky Code Generator and App/Game Builder in Appgyver PWA and Mobile App

I decided to go with blocky for the node connectors it’s way less of a drag and everything can be ran server-side using an interesting spinoff of .json called .mson. Only thing left is to build ui component blocks. I want to do it as vanilla web components – no frameworks.

The way you get to it is add the pwa to your homescreen, then long-press and move the editor widget to your screen. There is also a widget with a good example of a swipe-up for next video with adaptive bitrate streaming.

You can put it on the list if you want.

Hi Daniel,

Could you please elaborate on how this and your latest post relate to AppGyver and/or SAP Build Apps? At the moment, this looks much like an advertisement, completely unrelated to AppGyver.

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Umm. You asked for apps made with Appgyver.

So you mean to say that you have created the node connectors and the code editor entirely in AppGyver?

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No, ofcourse not. I created a way they can be integrated with Appgyver just like you did with Google maps.

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Oh and also, I don’t develop for money so there is no reason to “advertise.” I develop for one reason and one reason only: to make war on The Beast.:100: