Bluetooth support


I’m very excited to see what’s possible with AppGyver and firstly I would like to build an app that can connect to a bluetooth device. Is this possible with AppGyver?

I’ve already written code to do the above in an existing react native project and it relies on and The code is available at

Thanks in advance!

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We’re working on making custom React Native plugins possible for everyone to develop, which will open up pretty epic horizons, but it’s still a few weeks away:

In the meantime, we’ll be implementing new AppGyver-managed native features with community upvotes/feature specifications taken into consideration – feel free to add a comment here describing the specific features you’d like to see:

Thanks Harri, I can’t wait for the custom React Native plugins and thank you for directing me to the bluetooth feature request, I’ve added a comment.

I was so happy to use Appgyver but we needed Bluetooth for our project. Then you think, an app builder without bluetooth support is not possible, so probably there is a component for it (even paid, doesn’t matter). But not? Is it really so that Appgyver doesn’t support Bluetooth or BLE? I see many people asking for this in 2020 and it is still not there in 2022? I was having a nice dream about Appgyver but it turned out to be a nightmare. I hope i am wrong about this, who can tell me the truth about this?